Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Traffic Light at Intersection where Mike was hit.

Construction protects students from harm
The intersection of Main and Whiton Streets is finally getting a stoplight. The construction started last week and the pedestrian yield sign that previously hung over Main Street will be replaced.

Anyone who used the crosswalk knows how dangerous crossing the street was. For whatever reason, cars didn’t adhere to the crosswalk and ignored pedestrians even though many pedestrians pushed the button that activated the yield sign’s flashing yellow lights.

Three years ago, former UW-Whitewater student Michael Chaloupka was killed after being struck by a car in the crosswalk; the city has been trying to get funding for the construction ever since. Last March, another student was hit by a car while trying to cross the same intersection.

It is puzzling why drivers continue to cruise past the crosswalk with minimal concern for those on foot. A student had pressed the button, which activated the blinking yield sign.

After waiting several seconds and still not having any cars slow down, the student stepped into the road tentatively. As the student crossed the first lane, the traffic in lanes two, three and four continued to cruise along without slowing down. This pattern continued as the dangerous journey across the road was completed.

This dangerous game is eerily similar to Frogger, except the consequences of losing are more sinister. College campuses are teaming with students on foot, and drivers should be taking caution with that in mind.

While some drivers may argue that pedestrians dart out from a crosswalk sometimes, being aware of the crosswalk is the driver’s responsibility. Once the construction is complete, which is expected to be sometime in early November, pedestrians will be safer.

This time the government saved the day. While we often criticize the government for things like taxes, politicians not keeping promises or failing to fix the economy, we must remind that they help us out, too.

On average, a pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident every eight minutes according to the National Highway Traffic Association. With this statistic in mind, use caution when crossing the street. If a student gets hit by a car, it does not mean they will get free tuition. If you are driving, make sure you are looking for pedestrians, especially when driving near a college campus such as UW-Whitewater.

Pedestrians must take caution while crossing the street and drivers must watch out for their fellow classmates while driving around the city. After all, pedestrians are vulnerable.

There’s a reason they look both ways.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2nd MJC Memorial Craft Fair

MJC Memorial Craft Fair
1240 Grand Avenue, Waukesha
September 23 & 24, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Craft Show featuring handcrafted arts & crafts, and unique gifts. Something for everyone on your shopping list. Door prizes drawn every hour, food concessions, silent auction, bake sale and free admission.

All proceeds benefit Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. You can support our cause by shopping the event. Some silent auction items are available for bidding through our facebook page, "MJC Memorial Craft Fair".

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

2nd MJC Memorial Craft Fair

It is a little more than a month away, and the time is just flying by. Here is a list of the dontaions, I have as of today. I am still hoping for a few more to come in, besides what the crafters will be donating. We can always use more donations, if you would like to donate something just let me know. Within the next couple of weeks the yard signs will go up. I am hoping to raise some funds for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and keep Mike's dream alive. We would love to have you come and support the event. September 23 & 24 10 a.m.-4 p.m., at First Assembly Of God North Campus, 1240 Grand Aveunue in Waukesha.
2 tickets Milwaukee Bucks
Betty Brinn Family Pass
2 tickets Skylight Opera Theatre
4 tickets Circus World Museum
2 tickets Waukesha Civic Theatre
Sprecher Soda
2 tickets Oconomowoc Arts Center
One year family membership
2 Milwaukee Wave Tickets

Thursday, June 30, 2011

2nd Annual MJC Memorial Craft Fair

It has been a really crazy year, but we are now working on planning the 2nd Annual Fundraiser. We are now accepting applications for crafters and artists, and working on securing donations for the silent auction. We sent out 50 letters for donations and they are starting to come in. If you would like to donation anything, please let me know.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Traffic Light Delay-Intersection Where Mike Was Hit

Whiton, Main Street traffic light project delayed until fall
By Kelsey Welke– March 8, 2011
Posted in: News
The traffic light project that has been planned for years at the intersection of Whiton and Main Streets has been delayed due to monetary reasons.

Public Works Director Dean Fischer said the project was originally going to be a city-funded project until the Highway Safety Approval Grant was found. Fischer then applied for and received the grant.

A car passes over the crosswalk at the intersection of Whiton and Main Streets. The project to install a traffic light at the intersection was delayed until next fall. Photo by Kelsey Welke.

Because the project is now funded by federal money, the project was postponed until September. It was originally planned to start after school let out in May.

The project is estimated at $171,750, of which 80 percent will be paid for by the grant and the rest by the city.

Several pedestrians have been hit on Main Street, including graduate student Mike Chaloupka in 2008 and most recently senior Chris O’Neil.

Chaloupka was struck by a car in his wheelchair while crossing at the intersection. He died later due to accident-related injuries.

O’Neil was hit March 1 while crossing at the same intersection.

“I saw that the car in the far lane was going to hit me so I jumped up and away from the car and then came down on the front of the hood,” O’Neil said. “The driver of the car got out and seemed genuinely sorry … for not stopping fast enough. But since I wasn’t hurt, I told him not to worry about it.”

Fischer said the issue at that intersection is getting pedestrians to cross safely.

“The advantage of putting in stop-and-go lights over the existing lights is that it will be a controlled intersection for everybody – pedestrians and vehicle traffic,” Fischer said.

The new light will also have “The Navigator” technology installed. “The Navigator” emits a short, recorded message along with beeping sounds to allow visually-impaired persons to know when it is safe to cross the street.

“The Navigator” was recently installed at the intersections of Prince and Main Streets, and Prairie and Main Streets.

The disadvantage of installing the lights at the intersection of Whiton and Main streets is that the lights will take away from the historical look of the gateway in front of the Alumni Center and Hyer Hall, Fischer said.

The poles that hold the traffic lights will be a dark color, similar to other traffic lights in the city. These will not be as obvious as the aluminum poles that hold the current safety lights at the intersection. Therefore, some of the historical look of the gateway will be preserved, Fischer said.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gingerbread Contest For Intervarsity

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. We participated in a non profit fundraiser, for the organization of our choice. We made this gingerbread house with all the proceeds from donations going to Intervaristy. Customers voted on the houses, by donating money. Our house took in the most money, $37.13. We took third prize on the house. We had never made one before, so it was a learining process, it was fun but alot of work. Well it looks like we will do it again next year, but hoping to raise a little more funds next year.