Saturday, August 30, 2008


Julie and I are getting more and more requests about visitors to see Mike. Mike is in intensive care, or as they call it here TLC (Trama Life Center). The room is small, the equipment he is attached to is many. He is not awake or speaking yet. They only will allow Family in and only 1 or 2 at a time. We can streach family a bit but a lot of traffic to the room thru where there are 11 other open doors to TLC patients is an issue. Also we need to make sure you are ready for what you see. It has been a bit much for some of the adults already, so waiting a while may be best.

Mom and I are going to start picking up the pieces at home next week, so we won't be here at the hospital 24 hours any longer unless there are changes. We are planning on someone being here during the day and commuting home at night. Please call Julie to make sure one of us is here if you are going to come here. If you don't already know the number, use the email listed here and she will call you back. When he gets better enough to get out of TLC and into a regular room, this won't be an issue any longer. For now please make sure we know you are coming so that you won't be dissapointed.

For now Prayers, supporting each other, and keeping informed is what Mike needs. I am feeling the strength everyone is sending us, I'm sure Mike is as well.

Thanks, Mikes Dad.

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