Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Features in Mikes Garden

A week or so ago we did some decorating around the Angel Bush we got from Debbie at Mike's Funeral. Last summer we added a couple of re-blooming roses on the sides. For Christmas Judy gave us a beautiful metal sculpture made of silver silverware. Julie added to that some glass pieces on the petals and is now the center item in the metal sculpture. The 3 items around the center one are metal sculpture we bought at a craft show this spring. Those are also recycled made by a couple of young fellows around Mike's age out of cars, wash machines, and left over car paint. The metal sculpture will continue to bloom all year around. The Mosaic Tile on the left all four of us in the family made one evening together, we all had a part in that. The one on the right Mom and Jenny did.

I have had a lot of people ask me what the heck is it with you and gardening all of a sudden. Those upside down planters. All those flowers. The random dragon trees and rescue plants that I keep trying to rescue from the dumpster when people toss them out. Maybe looking at Mike's Garden will tell part of the story. That's all I'll say. Dad.

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