Monday, September 1, 2008

Auntie Ellie's Day With Me

I thank Jim and Julie for taking the time to breathe at home and take care of other matters that needed tending. Mike needs you to take care of yourselves.
When I arrived this morning I was semi alarmed when I saw the team of doctors standing outside his room with the curtain closed. It must of showed. His nurse immediately came over to me and told me the doctors were just discussing the case and I could go in. If you are faint of heart, I do encourage you to send your well wishes in the form of cards or emails that can be read to him. The doctors told me they had found the reason for he infection and were taking measures to correct the problem. They had the room very chilly and later put ice packs under his arm pits to keep his temp down. By afternoon he no longer had a temp and by 4 they had put the blankets on him and turned up the heat so he would stay warm enough.
The staff at University Hospital is great. I spent a lot of the day watching the "team" of experts take care of him. He is assigned a nurse that watches him.... but the rest of the nurses kept popping their head in to see if Lisa needed help. The doctors were very good at making sure I understood what they just said to the nurses. I work in the computer business and I thought there were a lot of TLAs there (three letter acronyms). There sure are a lot of two and TLAs in the medical profession!
Overall I would say he held his own today although he is still critical. There were times he didn't do as well as we would have liked..... but most times I could tell Mike was in their fighting.
We are all praying for you Mike.
Auntie Ellie


The Nettesheims said...

Very cool of you to spend the day w/Michael. Wish we were closer. Take care - we're praying for Mike!

-The Nettesheim's

The Nettesheims said...

Hi everyone - we are praying for Mike! He's so strong & will be his same witty self soon! Take care! We are praying for your strength, also.
Love - The Nettesheim