Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Week Since Accident

Well it has been one week since the accident, he has made great strives since then. He is still in critical condition, but still has a long way to come. Thank God, there is no way to thank everyone for there love and support. Words cannot express our gratitude to all of you.

I am at the hospital most of the time, most of you have my cell phone number call me or email me, if you want to make sure I am here. My email is posted on the blog. He can have visitors but I can only take in a couple at a time. But be prepared if you come, it not easy seeing him like this.

Visits help me right now, since I am at the hospital alone, most of the time. I have decided to stay here, I will probably go home about once a week to do what needs to be done there. On the weekends Me and Jim will both be here.


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Jason Barr said...


I met Mike last year at SLT. He's a special man and calling him a friend means a lot to me. I've been praying him along with my church down here (southern Indiana), and we will continue to do so.